17 October 2007

Education complete

The other day Zoë brought home a drawing that said "I want to learn...to cross the monkey bars in kindergarten." The drawing is quite an effective representation of her actually swinging monkey-like on the playground bars rendered carefully in crayon. On Saturday, while we were away visiting friends, she managed to do exactly that -- she crossed the monkey bars. In fact, she did it so many times that I am not sure how she was able to lift her arms the next day.

Tonight I asked her, "Now that you have accomplished crossing the monkey bars, what do you want to learn in kindergarten next?"

"What does accomplish mean?" she asked.

"It means now that you have learned to do it. What do you want to learn now?"


I guess I don't need to worry about saving for college after all.


Becky said...

No college = more shoes.

ZoesMom said...

My thoughts exactly!