29 October 2007

I can fix it!

On Sunday we took possession of a practically new couch that my father was giving away. He's just moved house and decided to get all new couches. As these things often are, the couch moving was awkward, although not as awkward as the time we moved into our first apartment and had to bring most of the furniture including the couch in through a window. That explains why we left most of our furniture when we moved to the house.

I digress.

As the couch was being awkwardly moved into the house, one of the feet got knocked off. Once we got the couch in place Rob tipped the couch on its back to see if he could get the foot back on. He tried to jam it on, but then declared he would need tools as it was a screw situation. All of a sudden Zoë tore off and up the stairs. An instant later I knew exactly where she had gone.

"Where did she go?" my Dad asked.

"Wait a sec an you'll see," I said already smiling.

Feet thundering down the hall, she re-appeared tool box in hand. "I can fix it!" she declared. "I have tools!" She knelt down next to Rob, popped open her orange Home Depot tool box and said, "Do you need a phillips head or a flat head?"

I just love that kid!

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