05 November 2009

B is for Bathtub

In college I lived in apartment that was the third floor of a house that had seen many better days. The place was kind of dumpy, the furniture was falling apart and it was hellish walking up the stairs just to get to the door, but there was one beautiful feature and that was the enormous claw foot bathtub. It was close to 6 feet long and maybe 2 feet deep. My roommate and very excellent friend HT and I really enjoyed it. We even once auctioned off a bubble bath in our tub for a department fundraiser.

The thing I remember even more than taking baths in the tub were the talks HT and I had while she was taking a bath. She was an end of day bather and would fill the tub with bubbles and go for a soak. I would hang out in the bathroom and we'd talk and talk about everything. Sex, school, life, you name it. It wasn't so much what we talked about as the intimacy of it. Not only because HT was naked under all the bubbles, but because it was so open and so unbound by time and and life's responsibilities. It seems like those moments with good friends are so few and far between these days. It is hard enough to find time to spend with good friends -- life and responsibility get in the way all the time. I'd love to have a few of those nights back. And maybe one more swim in that enormous tub would be nice too.


HT said...

I was just thinking of the bathtub auction- I don't think the winning bidder ever collected. AH, our "bathroom talks" were indeed a highlight of those years gone by... 20!!! Looking forward to catching up in person soon. xo ht

Emily Barton said...

Is there ANYthing better than a fabulous bathtub? Oh yes, maybe it's having all that leisure time we had in college (that we were convinced we didn't have) to sit around having long, long conversations with friends on a frequent basis. I sure do miss that!

Anonymous said...

Oh the time we had to waste when we were in college. Isn't it lovely now to reflect on the freedom, the lack of a date book, the lack of "responsibility." It only makes the memories and the friendships more valuable I think!

Courtney said...

Aw, I love this post! There is NOTHING like your girlfriends when you are young - NOTHING. I desperatley miss the intimate relationships I had with women in college...and I miss the bathtub I had growing up, which was much like the one you describe here!

ZoesMom said...

HT -- Gregg was our winning bidder and I have a photo of him bathing in our tub!

Emily -- yes, to enjoy a fabulous bath you do need the time. Wish I could have some of it back from the college days.

Sara -- I completely agree. That feeling that your time is your own is just gone.

Courtney -- I know what you mean, I miss those friends all the time.