01 November 2009

Halloween Menu

Because Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, I decided to make a little party out of it. I invited my brother's family and Rob's brother's family. In years past I would have ordered pizza for an occasion like this, but since I have been cooking lately I felt that I could tackle cooking up a Halloween feast -- or at least something that passed for dinner. Worst case, a heavy dose of candy would make everyone happy in the end.

I based the meal around a chicken dish of my own invention and then pieced it together from there with a focus on kid-friendly-ness. The official menu was this:

Cereal Killer Chicken (cereal crusted chicken tenderloins)
Baked Cheesy Brains
Mummy Dogs
Witches Fingers (bread sticks)
Blood Red Wine
Pumpkin Cake (not pumpkin flavored, but shaped like one)

Zoe was my sous chef and she even created this menu:

I think the food was a success. Everyone seemed to enjoy it so I was really pleased. Of course that was all just to fill time before the real event -- trick-or-treating! Bags of candy were procured and there were belly-aches for all. And how could I not post a picture of Zoe in her costume...


Emily Barton said...

Wow! I am very impressed with that menu (both what you cooked and Zoe's illustrated version). Tell Zoe she looks appropriately threatening in her costume. Next time I stay with you, let's make some mummy dogs to go with our blood red wine, okay?

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- yes! The mummy dogs were really good. When are you coming???

Emily Barton said...

As soon as I can find a week that doesn't seem to be booked solid! (Let's hope that happens sometime before next July, or I just might have to slit my wrists.)

Cam said...

Zoe's costume was great!