22 November 2009

SXSW Tour 09: Day 3

Well, we made it! It's great to be back in Dallas. I know it has been a year, but in a way it feels like we were just here the other day. Zoe and Samantha ran right off to play as soon as we arrived which was wonderful to see. Rob and Ashton are hiding and talking about going to the shooting range (thinking we don't know what they're talking about) while Karen and I are making our own plans for the week. All is as it should be.

Before I settle into our stay here I just wanted to share this one last list...

Things we've seen on the road that you would never see in Connecticut:

Letty's Beauty salon and coin laundry

Get-n-Geaux (gas station quick mart)

Crawfish Tackle Box (@Popeyes drive thru)

Biscuitville Restaurant

Ranches with horses and cattle -- one even had camels

Aligator farms

Billboard advertising $990 cremations

And here's a picture of Zoe and Samantha. Reunited and it feels so good.

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Emily Barton said...

Glad you made it safe and sound! Mullets? Really? Maybe I'm not living in such a weird place after all. Oh, wait a minute, do-it-yourself bowl haircuts on kids, anyone? Come to Lancaster County, PA!

HT said...

How great that S & Z see to be as close as the mamas! Have a ball!