17 February 2010

Play day

Due to some miraculous alignment of the planets, the stars, and the births of two of my nations most famous presidents I didn't have to work on Monday. I've been so busy with work that even though I knew the day off was coming I never stopped to think what I might do with my day. Luckily, inspiration in the form of my 12 year-old cousin, Asher, struck.

Asher and Zoe get along really well so it is lots of fun to get them together. He came to sleepover my house on Sunday night and I decided to make the most of having 2 kids on Monday.

We started off the day with some morning Mario Kart races on Wii. (That is one of the most addictive games ever invented!) That was quickly followed by pancakes and bacon at the diner. We needed fuel for the day ahead. Next stop was Wonderland if Ice skating rink where we were joined by my sister-in-law, my niece, and my nephew. We got in a good 2 hours of pretty good skating. All of us were inspired by the Olympics, of course.

Next up was lunch. Asher was dying for Subway so we stopped there on the way home and loaded up on sandwiches, Doritos and Gatorade. (None for me, thanks -- had to draw the line there.) After downing lunch and some brownies it was time for more Mario Kart races until Asher's parents picked him up. We were so sad to see him go Zoe and I had to take naps so we could feel better.

Later that afternoon Zoe and I went to Border's and stole some books by reading them while we were there. I had a coffee and she had a hot chocolate. We took up space in their comfy chairs until dinner time.

Although the day was filled with activities that wouldn't necessarily all go into my truly ideal day -- I mean we didn't even look in a shoe store -- all-in-all it was a fantastic day of play. I highly recommend it and hope to have one like it again soon.

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