07 February 2010

Fashion Critic

I suppose I deserve this for all the fashion criticisms I've handed out to friends, family and strangers over the years, but last night I got my first taste of my daughter as my fashion critic.

Rob and I were having a date night and we were meeting another couple at a rather posh sounding place in downtown New Canaan, CT. I was looking forward to a night out and took the opportunity to wear my favorite heeled black boots and a black sweater that has silver sparkly threads running through it. I got myself dressed and ready and just as we were leaving and I was kissing her good-bye, Zoe looked away from the TV and at me and said, "Mom! Don't you think that's a bit much?"

Oy. I told her I didn't think that was very nice, but I kissed her good-bye anyway. She then finished me off with, "I still love you."

Double oy.

And for the record, I don't think my outfit was a bit much at all. A lot she knows!


sarawithnoh said...

That is fantastic! And she's not even in her teens. A fashion maven at such a young age - even though we all know she was just flat out wrong ;)

HT said...

Were you wearing you feather boa AND your snakeskin spangled dress? I have warned you about that combination...

ZoesMom said...

Sara -- she was wrong! But I would be proud if she became a fashion maven. :-)

HT -- no boa this time.

Emily Barton said...

Don't worry. Six years from now, when you say the same thing to her, because she comes downstairs wearing her day-glo purple bikini top with her canary yellow maxi skirt and pink Doc Martens, you will devastate her for life, even as she rolls her eyes at you and tells you how out of it you are. (Mothers always have more power in this arena.) I'm sure you looked lovely (I can't imagine you looking otherwise when you're all dressed up for a night out).