01 June 2010

Tuesday Shoesday

Shoes I am currently lusting after:
These are the Tory Burch Caroline Ballet Flat. As my shoe wardrobe will attest, I do love a nice ballet flat. Doesn't that red just make these?

I am saving my pennies (and dollars and twenties...).

These are the Calvin Klein Cora. Not sooo expensive, but I'd need a place to wear them to justify the purchase. That has to be the biggest downside to working from home -- no getting dressed up for the office.

Slipping over into total fantasy land for a moment, wouldn't it be fun to have the lifestyle, legs, and bank to warrant these babies...The Darcy by Jimmy Choo

I hope you enjoyed these half as much as I did. Perhaps I have found a new feature for ZoesMom?


Emily Barton said...

Ooo, I love them all. I've decided to dress up for myself 2 days a week, even though I work from home. Thus, I am wearing a favorite outfit that always makes me feel pretty today (shoes and all). I might have to get those Calvin Kleins for such days.

The Darcy is awesome, but, I think, if I were going to spend that kind of money on shoes, I'd buy the beautiful boot/clogs I tried on in Santa Fe that not only looked smashing, but were also the most comfortable things I'd ever put on my feet.

Becky said...

I've decided that instead of buying shoes that fit one's lifestyle, one just buy the shoes and force life to adapt accordingly. At least get the Calvin Kleins.
But I love those Jimmy Choos. A lot.

ZoesMom said...

I agree with you both, those Calvin Klein's are necessary. I'll wear 'em around the house if I have to.