20 July 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: It is too soon but...

It really is too early to be thinking about Fall shoes or Fall anything since we've just barely reached the midpoint of summer, but you know I can't resist looking at shoes. It is especially difficult when I am inundated with emails featuring previews of Fall shoes. I'm not ready to commit to any purchases, but here's some shoes and boots I'm thinking about...

I bought a pair of menswear inspired black wingtip oxfords in the Spring which I love, but I think I love these more. My only issue with these and the wingtips I already own is figuring out the best way to wear them. I think they look cute with skinny jeans, but I am not really a skinny jeans girl. I might have to skip these, but they are really special looking.

Ah, the peep toe bootie. Can someone explain the appeal of this style to me? I don't get it. I don't think these will be making my shopping list this year.

These boots are another story. I love the classic riding style. I had a pair of these back in college and I wore them to death. I think I could get into wearing out another pair.

But seriously, it is way too early to think about these kinds of serious shoes when my feet are mostly in flip flops these days.

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musingsfromthesofa said...

I cannot understand the peep toe bootie either, but those boots are awesome!