20 October 2010

Anniversary Note

This past Saturday, October 16, was our 11th wedding anniversary. In some ways 11 years sounds like a long time and in others, it sounds short. I haven't held any one job for 11 years, but I can barely remember not being married to Rob. A lot has happened over the years and obviously the most significant is Zoe. She certainly changed our lives both as individuals and by making us parents. It's been 99% joy being Zoe's parents (as I think this blog will attest) and one of the best parts is that she never ceases to surprise us.

On Saturday night Rob and I went out for a quiet dinner and a movie. (We saw The American with George Clooney -- don't bother.) Maybe not the most glamorous night out, but dinner and a movie is a treat we really enjoy doing together and we rarely get to do it. My Mom was home babysitting for Zoe. When we got home we found a note on the table and it was signed "Love, Zoe" but after reading it we were somewhat dubious about who the author really was because it just didn't sound like her at all. Here's her note...

Mom and Zoe both swear that it was fully Zoe's work. And the more I think about it, the more I am sure it was Zoe, but Zoe trying to sound grown up. It made us both laugh. It was a nice ending to a nice evening.

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