19 November 2010

Gadget Goodness

I am a complete gadget geek. I think it started with my Handspring or my original Rocket Book or maybe it goes all the way back to my Sony Walkman, but I love a good gadget no matter how short or long it's shelf life. Everyone knows I love my iPhone, but I was an iPod lover first. I got my first iPod in 2002 -- a second generation 20GB model that I still have. I am now the proud owner of 3 other iPods -- an 80GB classic, a shuffle, and a Nano. I can't really explain why because of course I don't need them all, but I can tell you I love them all and I use them all regularly.

There's nothing like Christmas time to put me in a gadget-getting frame of mind. Last year I was still so in love with my iPhone that there really wasn't another gadget I was craving. This year I think I'm ready for something, but what?

A Kindle? Maybe. I was kind of anti-Kindle at first. Maybe that's because I am slightly anti-Amazon, but the new version is so light and convenient that it really is tempting. Especially because my bookshelves are full and I don't have room for new ones.

An iPhone 4? Maybe, but there are already blogs and websites dedicated to the iPhone 5 which is rumored to be out Summer 2011. I think I'm going to hold out since there is nothing at all wrong with my current iPhone.

An iPad? Kind of expensive given the current economic outlook in my household, but a thing of beauty none-the-less. And at the same time, maybe I should hold out for iPad 2?

A Tivo Premiere? My love of Tivo is probably the only device that even comes close to my iPhone love. Then again, like my iPhone, there's nothing really wrong with my current Tivo.

What else? A wireless printer would be nice, but that's kind of boring. I've been thinking a UV Toothbrush cleaner would be a good idea, but that's kind of too ridiculous and too much like getting a blender or something. There are probably a few other kitchen gadgets I could use, but I don't know what they are except a Cuisinart. Again, not something I want to find under the tree.

OK, I guess I'll just tell Santa I want this.


Fashion Welder said...

I love the iPad of course. K doesn't user her's as much as I do though. She loves the Kindle. Knowing you, you would be using it quite a bit for book reading. I've read about 15-20 books on my iPad and don't have any issues with it being hard on the eyes, but the Kindle is still better in that regard.

I have to say though, best thing I have purchased gadget wise has been the $99 Apple TV. Best VCR replacement out there (especially if you use Netflix). GoogleTV is a nonstarter, too complex and the networks are shunning it.

Emily Barton said...

Oh, yes, I want THAT, too. Think what fun we'd have on our next "girls' weekend" if we had one of those.

HT said...

Santa won't give you til Mrs. Claus let's him have one... xo

omeezy4sheezy said...

It would be pretty smart to wait out, especially if you're a self-proclaimed 'tech geek'. The rumoured features for the iPhone 5 are outstanding, to say the least, and its still 6 months out until it's released.

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