01 November 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was lots of fun at our house this year. There were costumes, decorations, good company, good food and candy. What more could you really want out of a holiday?

It took Zoe weeks of agonizing and pouring over catalogs to decide on a homemade vampire bat costume. I was more than happy to help her and I think it turned out spooky if not entirely bat-like.

I had some fun with the cooking of dinner and went for another Halloween themed meal including monster meat loaf, hot dog mummies, cheesy brains (cauliflower casserole) and this, my personal favorite, Ghoulcamole and chips. I stole the idea from Martha Stewart to cut tortillas out with cookie cutters and bake them. They not only looked good, they tasted really good.

Rob, in all the years that we have been together has never once dressed in a costume for Halloween. Although if you ask me, he sometimes wears costumes in his daily life -- there's the gas station attendant look (dirty sweatshirt and dirty jeans), the college boy look (clean sweatshirt, shorts in winter, and baseball cap) and the car salesman look (nice shirt, nice tie, comfortable shoes). Zoe was desperate for Rob to dress up this year and she kept pestering him about it and he kept saying no so no one was more surprised than me when he appeared in the outfit pictured below which he claims is a poacher. I think it is a little more like scary militia guys, but either way it made Zoe very happy. (I came dressed in my usual costume.)

And how could the night be complete without dessert. You would think the candy would be enough, but I couldn't resist making these ghost cupcakes.


Emily Barton said...

I think I'm coming trick or treating (and staying!) at your house next Halloween.

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- you are definitely welcome!