30 November 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: I Love Target

I have been a lover of Target for many, many years now. I can remember my first experience there in 1992 when I had just moved to Dallas. The northeast didn't yet know such a wonderful place could exist. I basically supplied my life from Target for the entire time I lived in Texas. However, not so much in the clothes and shoes area. I like to think of myself as somewhat stylish and back in those days Target and stylish didn't really equate. When Target did finally start opening stores in our area I was delighted to find that their clothes were much more stylish. Yes, they're not the best made clothes in the world, but that's OK for the price. However the workout pants turn grey and wear out at the same rate as the more expensive pairs I've owned and the kids' clothes really can't be beat.

Recently I've been really liking their shoes. (Finally we're getting to the important section of this post.) Last Spring I bought these black patent (non-leather) loafers for $24.99.

They are perfect loafers and they don't look (very) cheap. Best of all, they are excellent for rainy days since they are not real leather and they have a rubber sole. I've gotten tons of compliments on them and I'm even thinking of buying a second pair in case they stop carrying them after the ones I have wear out.

As you may have noticed knee-high boots are pretty popular these days, but for women like me who are afflicted with what I like to call "athletic" calves (some might call them "wide") it can be difficult to find knee high boots that pull up over or zip up. That pretty much ruled out the knee-high boot trend for me until last year when I tried on a pair at Target on a whim and I was amazed that they fit. They zipped right up. And they were only $29.99! Of course I bought them immediately and proceeded to wear and wear and wear them all winter. I had to throw them out at the end of the spring because they'd had it, but I think they served their purpose extremely well. This fall, I started looking for a replacement pair on my occasional trips to Target and just this past weekend I struck gold and found this excellent pair of black boots.

I'm going to try not to completely wear out this pair, but I fear that is unlikely because I really like them. I can't wait to wear them with some tights and a skirt.

So, if you're longing for some new shoes and you just don't have the cash, I highly recommend Target. Yes, not all the shoes are going to end up being as loved as these pairs have been for me, but even if you pay a lot for a pair of shoes, you don't get that guarantee, do you?


Emily Barton said...

Oh my! Those boots are fantastic. Do you mind if I copy you and get a pair?

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- go for it! We can be boot twins. :-)