01 February 2011

Snow Days

Any parent of a school-age kid can tell you about the challenges of unexpected days off from school. Since we live in Connecticut this year has been extremely snowy and therefore we've had several snow days. As a matter of fact I'm not sure there has been a full week of school since Christmas break.

The first snow day was kind of fun. We had an unbelievable 2 feet of snow and the whole neighborhood was out that day. The kids were playing and the adults were shoveling, but everyone was in awe over the amount of snow and no one dreamed it would continue at that pace.

By the time this morning came and there was yet another snow day even Zoe sighed when I told her she wouldn't be going to school today. At this point most of the kids don't even want to play out in the snow anymore. So what do they do all day? That really is the question.

I can't allow Zoe to watch TV all day, but it sure is tempting at times. I can't be her source of entertainment all day either. I mean theoretically I am supposed to be working since I do work from home, but boy can that be challenging on a snow day. We are fortunate to have neighbors with kids the same age so we've all been hosting each other's kids, but that gets old (and really noisy). And now in order to avoid having the kids in school until July, it looks like the school will be forced to take away planned vacation days in April even though most of us would gladly give up the February vacation instead. As a matter of fact they should banish that February break permanently.

So basically this entire post is one long complaint about the excessive amount of snow and the
number of snow days we've had this year. I know there really isn't anyway to control this,
but I think it helps to whine a little.

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Emily Barton said...

Whine away. It reminds me that I shouldn't be so selfish in wanting mountains of snow every winter.