18 May 2011

The Brown T-Shirt

Did you ever get it into your head that you had to have something in order to make your wardrobe complete?  Perhaps it is a particular pair of shoes or dress, but it is something and there are exact details in your head about what it has to be.

Last fall I fel that way about gold ballet flats.  I had a mental image of what I wanted, but I had to do a fair amount of research and shopping in order to find a pair that lived up to my mental image. After and exhaustive several mall, many website search I finally found them at the Cole-Haan outlet I did feel temporarily as though my wardrobe was complete.

Now it is a brown t-shirt.  Not just any old brown t-shirt, but a nice brown t-shirt, what I like to call a "dressy t-shirt."  Not a grey t-shirt, not a beige t-shirt, but a brown t-shirt.  The added complication is that it has to come in petite sizes.  I am short and regular t-shirts are usually way too long.  Unfortunately brown is not a big color for spring and early summer clothes.  At least not from what I've seen in stores.  I've seen a few options that almost qualify such as:

from Ann Taylor Loft
And this one:
from Eddie Bauer

But I'm still not in love.  Not crazy about the beige-ness of the shirt form Ann Taylor Loft even though I do like the design.  I like the color of the Eddie Bauer shirt, but I'n not crazy about the detail around the buttons.  Last night I went so far as to order these two t-shirts from Old Navy because I had a 20% off coupon and their petite sizes fit me well.

But I am not convinced either of these will be the t-shirt I am after. Anyone have any suggestions? I am willing to spend a little more than I usually would to fulfill this clear wardrobe need.


Emily Barton said...

Good luck! I can't help you, because I haven't even been thinking of brown while seeking the perfect dressy red tee to match the little red flats I recently bought. Maybe we'll both have luck at the outlets when you visit?

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- I'll keep my eye for a red tee as I search for a brown one. A trip to the outlets is an excellent idea!