31 May 2011

Mystic (no pizza)

With softball, all of Zoe's other activities, work, and family stuff life has been pretty busy lately so we decided to declare what we like to call "family day" this past Sunday.  This is when Rob, Zoe, and I spend an entire day together doing something fun.  We chose a visit to Mystic Seaport for our "family day" adventure.  Zoe is still into Moby Dick and Mystic Seaport seemed like a good way to bring a bit of the story to life.

We were fortunate enough to have no traffic and pretty good weather.  It was a fun day walking around and seeing the re-enacters and getting to walk on board the tall ships.  The re-created Amistad is especially powerful to see.

When you go to amusement parks and zoos and the like they often have those murals or just animals that are made with face-sized cutouts expressly designed for pictures.  At Mystic Seaport they had one of the best of these I've ever seen.  I think Zoe and Rob really bring it to life here:

Sadly we did not get to Mystic Pizza for dinner, but we did stop in at the shops at Old Mistick Village and got our requisite fudge and other trinkets before heading back home.  All-in-all it was a great family day.

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HT said...

Is there still a really yummy cookie place in MV, or am I getting that mixed up with Williamsburg? Yum.