26 July 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: I Need Shoes!

OK, no pictures of actual shoes today, but I am happy to report that I actually need to buy shoes so I'll be going back through past posts.

How can I need to buy shoes, you ask?  Well, I'm kissing my work-form-home life good-bye because I got a new job!

Anyone who knows me well knows I've been pretty unhappy in my job for awhile, but anyone who's been searching for a job lately knows how tough the job market is these days.  I've been looking on and off for awhile, but not having any luck.  Then lightning struck about a month ago and just yesterday I resigned from my current job.  I'm excited about the new job and that alone is a good feeling, but they also made it clear after the interviews and in the offer that they really want me.  That feels great.   I mean, I know it is a job, but it is good to feel valued at your job and I think (I hope) I am going to feel that way at the new job.

I am going to have to get used to commuting again, but only 3 days a week and there is an option to take a train so I'm not too worried about it.  Before I start I'm going to get almost 2 and a half weeks off.  I haven't had that much time off in a row since my maternity leave.  That's good because I'm going to need some time for shopping for shoes -- and clothes, of course.

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