12 July 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: More Love of Loafers

Looks like loafers are in for fall.  After the complete drought of shoe love this spring and summer this makes me so happy.  Here are some fabulous pairs I've seen lately:
Anne Klein Walnut

Enzon Angiolini Balinia

Kate Spade Connie

Me Too Nerissa

Looks like I am going to need some space for shoes.  I don't think Rob really needs his own closet, do you?


Emily Barton said...

keteddipWhen you get that fabulous new job with the seven-figure salary and can afford to add the additions to your house, a walk-in shoe closet will be a must (also for the brownstone in the city you'll be purchasing). I saw something similar to that first pair at the L.L. Bean outlet. Alas! Not in my size.

Anonymous said...

I like the red ones! I like the Anne Kleins but I remember her shoes as always being uncomfortable. Rob totally does not need his own closet.

HT said...

love the anne klein walnut. too bad they don't look orthotic friendly. rats.

OSeñorita said...

I love the red ones! And the pink ones!