12 September 2011

Zoe and the Babysitter

Saturday night Zoe's favorite babysitter came over so Rob and I could escape to dinner at a restaurant that has no chicken nuggets and an R rated movie.  (We saw Contagion which I thought was great.)  The next morning  I asked Zoe what she and the babysitter did -- watch a movie, play Wii, play cards?  She said, no, they made YouTube video.  Now that is something new! Luckily I trust the babysitter so I know it wasn't inappropriate and I was sure it was just silliness. Which in fact is exactly what it is.

Here's the video (which, I think is funny if you are 9):


Emily Barton said...

I can so hear all the giggles that went into making that!

Chapter Forty said...

I think its really funny even if you are 42.