24 March 2008

Ask for what you want

My Mom and I took Zoe to the mall on Friday to fulfill some of her birthday wishes. Friday was her actual 6th birthday and luckily coincided with Good Friday so we were all off from work and school. Zoe's wishes included riding the carousel and getting to build a bear at "Build-a-Bear Workshop" (oh how I wish I had thought of that idea!), and a visit to her favorite store of all, Claire's.

After we rode the carousel, built a pink sparkly bear named "Pretty" (my Mom is a very generous grandmother!), and Zoe ate some McDonald's we set off to find Claire's. I am not familiar with the mall we were in so I didn't know where it would be. After walking around for a little while I said we should find a directory, but Zoe suggested we just ask someone. We were walking past a jewelry store and my Mom said we should ask there. Zoe marched right off in the direction of the women at the counter of the jewelry store and said, "Excuse me."

"Yes?" one of the women behind the counter said looking to my mother and me as we came up behind Zoe.

"Where is Claire's?" Zoe asked. No hesitation, not at all shy, just openly demanding. She had absolutely no problem walking up to this complete stranger to ask for what she wanted. I was really impressed. I think the women behind the counter were pretty surprised too. They told us where to find Claire's and then I saw the smiles creeping onto their faces. I had to stifle a few giggles myself because I didn't want Zoe to think I was laughing at her.

In truth I was and I wasn't. Mostly I was amazed at her. I am sure when I was Zoe's age I would never have approached someone like that. Even now as an adult I hate asking people things like that. I would much prefer the complete anonymity of a directory. That is one of the reasons I love the internet so much -- you don't have to talk to any actual people to find the information you want.

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Emily Barton said...

Oh, good for Zoe! I'm like you and hate asking for directions (I'm worse than the typical man is supposed to be), and I wish I weren't this way.