18 March 2008

$#&%*&%$ SLR!

Saturday night was Zoë's birthday party and it was a big success. All her friends from school, all her cousins, and just about every other friend she has were in attendance at the Little Gym of Fairfield for the fete. There was running around, screaming, trampolining, and singing along to the songs from High School Musical. There was also a pinata, many cupcakes, balloons and 21 adorable children.

And if I hadn't accidentally put my fancy schmancy digital SLR camera on the wrong damn setting I would probably have tons of great pictures to share. I took 101 pictures that night. I only realized the camera was on the wrong setting in the last 20 minutes of the party. I couldn't even bring myself to download the pictures until tonight and I stupidly hoped there would be some happy accidents. Alas there were not. 98 shots went right in the trash.

This is one of the 3 halfway decent pictures that I got.

It is pretty cute, but still. Damn it!!

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Emily Barton said...

Oh, that TRULY sucks! But look at Zoe! She looks so much like you. This is such a great shot. I'm sure all the others were horrible, and would have been trash-worthy (heads cut off, etc.) even if you had had the right setting, so best you didn't have to see them. (Bob's parents had problems with their camera on his first birthday. His mother wrote in his baby book: "Camera not working. Daddy furious. Mommy crushed.")