18 May 2008

A few hundred of her closest friends

The other day it was Zoë was playing in her room and it was unusually quiet. After awhile I went upstairs to find that she had lined up just about every single one of her stuffed animals on her bed. She has been sleeping with all of them for the last few nights and she insisted I take a picture.

I have often said she has enough stuffed animals to fill a zoo and I think you can tell from this picture (even though you can't even see all the animals) that I do not exaggerate.


HT said...

I think you may have to upgrade to a king size bed for her... xo ht

Emily Barton said...

Looks very much like my bed when I was her age.

ZoesMom said...

HT -- I think you might be right! But then we'd have even more stuffed animals!

Emily -- Imagining a mini-version of yourself in a bed covered with stuffed animals really makes me smile.