11 May 2008

Fun costs...

...and here is where you start paying. In sweat. [Props to anyone who gets that reference.]

I found all kinds of delightful ways to spend money this weekend.

It started Friday night with cocktails at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC with good friends and fellow bloggers including Becky, Emily, Chris, and my newest friend Dorr. A couple of rounds of drinks, dinner, and a final glass of wine made for a really terrific (if somewhat damp) evening and a perfect start to the weekend. Of course, none of the 3 different checks were under 3 digits.

His original plan had been to work all day and night, but due to some snafu Rob ended up not having to work at all on Saturday. Because of that I was able to alter my Saturday plans to include some shopping (gotta love buying new jeans in a smaller size!) and a pedicure. Saturday night we took Zoë to the carnival at her school. The carnival is a fund raiser for the school so we brought cash to drop and drop it we did. I'm not sure how, but somewhere between the squirt game and the hit the balloon with the dart game we realized we only had $5 left! We definitely did our part for Riverfield School that night. Zoë had a great time and even took home a new friend, a stuffed Penguin named Pengwinny, of course.

Between gifts and meals I haven't even wanted to add up what today cost. I am a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Mother's Day, but I still managed to have some fun. Zoë did not repeat her behavior of last weekend and was actually quite well-behaved and very, very sweet. The highlight of the fun was definitely when my nephew hurled a bowl of ice cream on the floor of the restaurant. He is too cute and since I'm not his Mom it made me laugh. And I did get some great gifts (including several Zoë masterpieces) so I can't complain about that.

All-in-all it was an expensive, but really nice weekend. Which only makes Monday morning that much harder to face.


Dorothy W. said...

I hope your Monday wasn't too hard! It sounds like a fabulous weekend -- surely worth all the money, right? How amusing to watch OTHER people's children misbehave!

Anonymous said...


I haven't even counted the cost of Friday evening, nor do I want to know.
Glad you got to go shopping - hurrah for the new jeans and the painted toes!

Emily Barton said...

It was definitely a weekend to forgo all frugality. I'd say Friday night was the best, but that carnival sounds like fun, too.

ZoesMom said...

I'd say Friday night was the best too! Let's do it again very soon.

ZoesMom said...

BTW, Becky I am impressed that you got my reference! I LOVED that show. I wish they would release that on iTunes.