19 May 2008

Ring leader

Some friends of ours are getting married in just a couple of weeks. They are having a very small ceremony which I am looking forward to very much. They have a daughter, Sarah, who is Zoë's age. We all became friends because our daughters were friends from the same daycare class. When they called the other day to confirm the wedding plans Sarah wanted to talk to Zoë. I only heard one side of the conversation (Zoë's) and it went something like this:

Hi Sarah!

You're the flower girl?

Who is the ring leader?

The ring leader.

Can I be the ring leader?

And then turning to me she said, "Mom, Sarah said I can be the ring leader at her Mom's wedding."

I couldn't help but laugh because I already know she is a great ring leader. She was very disappointed when I told her that assigning the job of ring bearer wasn't up to Sarah.


Emily Barton said...

Maybe you can make her a "ring leader" crown to wear? What a cute story!

Dorothy W. said...

Oh, how cute! It sounds like it would be a lot of fun to be the ring leader ...

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- Good idea! Tomorrow we're going to buy the ring leader a dress and I'm sure we can find a crown to go with it.

Dorothy -- I agree. It would be fun. I think that should be a new role at weddings. The ring leader can walk in before the bride.