23 October 2008

The elementary school vote

The other day Zoe came home from school and announced, "You cannot vote for John McCain because he wants to add one more hour to the school day! You have to vote for Barack Obama." You cannot imagine the look of horror on her face as she said this.

My husband and I giggled and then because my husband likes to tease as much as I do, he said, "Barack Obama eats children." Zoe stomped off and we continued to giggle and then the subject was dropped.

Several days later we were in the car and out of no where Zoe said, "Daddy, tell me the truth. The real truth. Does Barack Obama really eat children?"

"Of course not honey." We were both stifling huge guffaws. "Not anymore."

"Daddy!" she shouted exasperated.

I then tried to reassure her that Barack Obama does not eat children, but I'm still not 100% sure she believed me. Rest assured though, Zoe still things we should vote for him because she does not want John McCain and his extra hour of school.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter saw McCain on TV in a deli recently and, very loudly, asked my husband..."why aren't we voting for him again?" Gotta love kids :) And, tell Zoe there are lots of reasons to vote for the man who eats kids.