06 October 2008

Where did my rug go?

Did you ever get some news that, even though you pretty much knew it was coming, you were completely unprepared for? At least completely unprepared for the full impact of the news at any rate. It seems that is what has happened to me.

Last Wednesday I arrived at the office just in time to receive an email from the president of the company informing us that we have been sold and we're all officially being given 60 days until termination. Fun stuff, right? Unfortunately and fortunately -- depending on how you're looking at things -- it isn't really all that simple.

We've been sort of sold.

We sort of have 60 days until we're out of work.

We sort of might have the opportunity to apply for our own jobs.

We sort of get information eked out to us.

Like I said, I was largely expecting this news, but somehow seeing it all in print and living through the bureaucracy has been unsettling to a degree that I hadn't expected. I have been a real grouch and I kind of feel like somebody died.



Dorothy W. said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! I do hope everything works out okay.

Noble Savage said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. When this happened at a company I used to work for they laid off the people they didn't want to keep and then 'suddenly' were able to salvage about half the positions and relocate to smaller offices with the staff they really wanted to keep. Fingers crossed you get to keep your job!

Courtney said...

Oh, yuck. I feel for you. I HATE when they "give" you the "opportunity" to apply for your own job. I mean, seriously! What do you think you will do?

Becky said...

Mike said it feels a bit like a funeral. I think what is making the complete suckyness worse is that it's been so badly handled. The situation should be clear; there should not be ekeing out of information in some drip, drip, water torture way.
So you are entitled to be grumpy. But it will be fine in the end.

Emily Barton said...

I feel like somebody died, too, and I'm not even there. Can't imagine what it must be like for those of you who are. In conversations with your colleagues, I alternate between being hopeful to feeling utter despair. Here's hoping all of you come out way ahead, no matter what happens with the new bosses. Sending lots of love and good wishes your way and allowing you to be very, very grouchy (who wouldn't be?).

tracie valentino said...

Between your tweets and Mattio's updates at home, I can only imagine what the atmosphere is there. Each day I feel like the situation gets more and more surreal--and I'm getting all the info secondhand! I told Mattio we all need to go out for an F@*% them dinner.

In the meantime, you have every right to be confused, angry and grumpy. And take longer lunches... and use the company credit card at said longer lunches... and perhaps even stop by Coach with said company credit card... Whoops--have I said too much? :)

ZoesMom said...

Dor, NS, Courtney -- thanks for the good wishes and support

Becky -- You're right, it is a bit like water torture at the moment, but I am sure I'll land on my feet. Thanks for letting me be grumpy.

Emily -- Thank you too for the good wishes, love and support. Along with a lot of others I'm going to miss this place the way it was. Thanks for letting me be grumpy.

Tracie -- a "F@*% them dinner" is an excellent idea. Let's get something on the calendar ASAP. Your Coach idea is a good one too! If only...