21 January 2009

This is how old I am

I got this from both Charlotte and Emily and I really liked both of their posts so I thought I'd give it a go myself.

I saw the original Broadway production of "Annie" with Andrea McCardle and after the show my father bought me the cast recording of the music. It was a vinyl record, of course. I played it endlessly on my record player and memorized every song. That is probably when I fell in love with theater.

Speaking of vinyl, I can remember buying the 45s of "Pop Muzik" by M and "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd. Also committed those songs to memory. I think I can still sing them word for word.

I remember when Dr. Scholls sandals were all the rage. They were banned from my elementary school because a girl broke her ankle in them -- or so we were told. I had blue ones.

The first VHS movie I ever watched was "Death Race 2000" at my California cousins' house. The VHS machine was as big as my printer/scanner/fax is today and the "remote control" was on a long wire.

I was at sleepaway camp when Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. One of the counselors snuck me into the counselor's cabin to watch. I also saw the movie "E.T." while at sleepaway camp on "lifer's night out." (A lifer is someone who goes to sleepaway camp for all 8 weeks.)

I waited in line to see "Star Wars."

I watched Luke and Laura get married, but I never thought Luke was good looking. That perm was hideous to me even then.

My best friend and I used to pass notes back and forth on actual paper. Sometimes we'd decorate the notes with stickers.

I wore stirrup pants and thought they looked good. Considering how young and thin I was at the time, they probably didn't look that bad, just not great.

I cried at the last M*A*S*H episode.

The first computer I used was running DOS and the first time I used an Apple I saw the light. I have been a computer lover ever since.

Our first home printer was a dot matrix printer and it was so cool. We were one of the first people I knew to have a printer at home. I used to love to tear the edges off the print outs and decorate with them like streamers.

I only knew 2 people in college who had their own computers.

The first president I was old enough to vote for was Bill Clinton.

I was married in the previous century.


Emily Barton said...

I watched Luke and Laura get married, too (and I was never enamored of Luke, either. I loved Scorpio, though!). Oh, and Dr. Scholl's, yes. And I cried during the last episode of M*A*S*H, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Scorpio - I remember him. I loved stirrup pants. So comfy!

ZoesMom said...

Emily & Sarah -- Yes Scorpio was so good looking and I loved that Australian accent.

tracie valentino said...

My mother was all about Robert Scorpio--I was madly in love with Frisco (sigh, Jack Wagner), and was devastated when he married Felicia.