05 January 2009

The Tooth Fairy comes tonight!

Zoe loses her first tooth, originally uploaded by Marcyjill.

We were starting to lose hope, but at last it has happened -- Zoe lost her first tooth in school today. She is so excited! At least I know I will be able to get her to sleep tonight because, after all, the Tooth Fairy can't come if you're not sleeping.

Personally I hated losing my teeth. The feeling of a loose tooth grossed me out and I hated that feeling of no tooth being there. Also I was a little afraid of the Tooth Fairy reaching under my pillow. But Zoe is excited about losing the tooth and can't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings.

Now I just have to figure out the going rate for the first lost tooth.


HT said...

Stick with silver coins- the tooth fairy doesn't handle paper money. I'd say a quarter is still the standard rate, but if you can't get away with that- try 3 quarters...

The tooth fairy has a heavy bag either way- filled with teeth and coins- they weigh about the same.

xo and congrats!

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! Good thing you're thinking through the going rate thing. I thoughtlessly gave one euro for the first tooth, now three heads of teeth later I'm regretting the cost! I agree with HT though, that coins are more fun than paper money.

Emily Barton said...

I fear the going rate is something like $100 these days (although, I know one little girl who was VERY excited, because instead of money, the tooth fairy brought her a new coloring book. Go figure...).

Congratulations to Zoe!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Do let me know what the going rate is as DD is obsessed with the idea of losing a tooth even though she's only 4. It would be good to know how much to sock away for college and then start a separate tooth fairy fund.