10 December 2009

SXSW Tour 09: Photos

I can't believe I never published this post. This is my collection of photos from my SXSW trip. Hope they are still somewhat interesting...

My favorite gas station quick mart (Somewhere in Louisiana):

Manicures and Pedicures for everyone! (Best manicure and pedicure ever, I should mention.)

Zoe and Samantha wrapped up with the presents.

Zoe and Samantha help with the Thanksgiving cooking.

Table is set and the first Thanksgiving meal I ever helped prepare is ready to be eaten! This was the first year I didn't just bring the wine.

The chefs!

The cool parking meters in Memphis just off Beale St.

Somewhere in Tennessee I spotted this helpful sign. Now what is a buiscuit and are they appropriate for the office??

Vacation is good.

The Gateway Arch. Missed it last year and thrilled I got to see it this year. It is pretty cool and something I've wanted to see since I was about 5.

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