27 December 2009

TBR Challenge

Somehow in a weak moment I agreed to this challenge from Emily. Here's how she presented it:

So, here is how this challenge works. It begins December 1, 2009 (because I always believe in challenges that give you more than one year to complete) and ends no later than December 31, 2010, but it really ends whenever you manage to complete it. Here are the rules:

1. Choose 20 books from your TBR list (or tome, if you are like me), and post them on December 1, 2009. If you'd like, you can tell us why you chose each book (I'm sure you can guess what I'd "like").

2. Read those 20 books.

3. Oh, did I mention? You are not allowed to buy any of them. If you don't already own them, you must beg, borrow, or steal them in order to read them.

4. Oh, I guess I forgot the other difficult part: you are not allowed to buy any new (or used. No, you can't get around it that way) books until you have read (or attempted to read at least 30+ pages) of all the books on your list.

5. There is one exception to the rules (because I am a fair kinda gal and belong to 2 book discussion groups): you may buy books you have to read for book discussion groups before you have read all 20 on your list, if you can't get them any other way (i.e. your library system doesn't have them and employs the Sloth Express to deliver all interlibrary loans). However, I highly recommend that you encourage your book discussion groups to read books from your list of 20.

6. And then that final thing: write a blog post about each book as you finish (or decide you can't finish) it.

As you can see I have already broken the first rule because I did not get my list up by December 1. Since one rule is broken, I think I'll break a few more, like rule number 3. If I have to have that kind of impediment, there's no way I'll get through this list. So, I've decided that I can buy books from this list, but no other books (besides books for bookclub). And the last rule broken is number 6. I am not a great book reviewer so I can't promise more than stating I read the book. I will keep a special list on the column of my blog to track my progress instead. If I feel I have anything worth saying about the book, I will post. I have I made this half-assed, or what? Hopefully, Emily won't be too disappointed in my version.

OK, here's my list:

  1. Then We Came to the End -- Joshua Ferris
    This has been sitting on my shelf and I have wanted to read it, but I just never pick it up.
  2. Independence Day -- Richard Ford
    I read the Sportswriter over a year ago for book club and I have been wanting to read the second book ever since.
  3. Lay of the Land -- Richard Ford
    If I am going to read the second book, I might as well read the third.
  4. Breakfast at Tiffany's -- Truman Capote
    I can't believe I haven't read this.
  5. Sense and Sensibility -- Jane Austen
    This is a re-read, but one that I have been meaning to do for a few years.
  6. Lady Susan -- Jane Austen
    Speaking of Jane Austen, I've never read this one.
  7. Ten Days in the Hills -- Jane Smiley
    Another one that has been sitting on my shelf that I have been wanting to read and just never pick up.
  8. The Player -- Michael Tolkin
    I loved this movie and I'm not sure I knew it was a book until I heard about the second book. I figured I couldn't read the second book until I read the first...
  9. Return of the Player -- Michael Tolkin
    See above.
  10. Brideshead Revisited -- Evelyn Waugh
    Another book I can't believe I haven't read yet.
  11. The Glass Castle -- Jeannette Walls
  12. Miss Match -- Erynn Mangum
    Both #11 and #12 were gifts from my LibraryThing Santa 2 years ago and I still haven't read them. I feel like I should read these books someone took the time to pick out for me.
  13. The Believers -- Zoe Heller
    I bought the hardcover and still haven't read it. I want to get it read before the paperback comes out.
  14. The Best American Short Stories 2009
    I get this book as a gift from my Mom every Christmas and I don't usually finish it so this year that is my goal.
  15. Raymond Carver: A Writer's Life -- Carol Sklenicka
    I love Raymond Carver. I know this book just came out, but it immediately landed at the top of my TBR list.
  16. Never Let Me Go -- Kazou Ishiguro
    Another one that's been sitting on my shelf.
  17. The Poisonwood Bible -- Barbara Kingsolver
    So many people I know loved this book. I own it, but for some reason I've never read it. I am kind of afraid I won't like it, I think. We shall see...
  18. Casino Royale -- Ian Fleming
    I feel like I should read this.
  19. Mrs. Dalloway -- Virginia Woolf
    Just in case I'm feeling too happy.


Becky said...

I have 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 18 if you want to borrow any of them. Good luck with the challenge!

My word verification word was 'scepahi'. I think that's a kind of fish.

ZoesMom said...

@Becky -- thanks!

I just noticed I only listed 19 books. Another rule broken. But I have decided I do have to at least try on the reviews, so I will.

Emily Barton said...

What a great list! I can' wait to see what you think of The Glass Castle and Never Let Me Go.