31 January 2010


My father bought us a Wii for Hanukkah this year. Needless to say this gift has been a big hit with Zoe. She's becoming quite the boxer and bowler -- at least in the land of Wii. I have to say I think the Wii is pretty fun myself. I don't get much chance to play, but I do enjoy it. So the other day when Dad was over the house I suggested he try it out and maybe go a few rounds in the ring with Zoe. I don't think he had any idea what it would be like, but he sure got into it quickly.

This picture of the two of them boxing really cracks me up:

But what cracked me up even more was when my Dad asked me for the instructions. I told him you don't need them, you just figure it out. Apparently that was not a satisfactory answer because the very next time I saw him he handed me a half inch stack of paper on which he had printed out the complete instructions for all the Wii Sports games. Classic my father, I loved it. It reminded me of the clipped articles he used to mail me when I was in college. I gave the instructions to Zoe who promptly asked me what we needed them for.

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sarawithnoh said...

First of all...AWESOME title!! And I love the picture. Wii boxing rocks and I love how your Dad's nearly in the TV. So cute!