29 April 2011

Kids love lists

I used to think it was only Zoe who liked to make lists of everything from her favorite colors to places she'd like to visit to potential band names, but it turns out my niece, Sophia, is also quite the list maker.  We had the pleasure of having her as a sleepover guest last week and prior to her visit, she made this list of things she wanted to do while staying with us.

Unfortunately the actual list got wet when a cup of water was spilled on it in the night, but here is an annotated transcript:

  1. See Rio [the movie -- lucky for Sophia and Zoe Grandma was in charge of most of the activities so they even got to see it in 3D]
  2. Order Govie's Pizza [Actually it is Giove's and for reasons that remain a mystery to me and despite the plethora of really good pizza places in our area, it is a favorite with kids.  They deliver so that was dinner.]
  3. Play puppies [I can't say for sure if this took place, but it is checked off on the list so I guess it did.]
  4. Acrobat show [We opted to skip this one.  I wanted to return Sophia to my brother and sister-in-law in one piece.]
  5. Talk [Oh, there was no lack of talking with a 7 and a 9 year old.]
  6. read Books [Now this is one I can really support.  Both Zoe and Sophia are voracious readers.]
  7. take a bath [Nah, they weren't that dirty]
  8. go get our nails done [Again lucky for the girls that Grandma was in charge.  Sophia got pink nails, and Zoe got highlighter green.]
  9. draw [Again, I have no proof, but it is checked off]
  10. watch a movie [Not including Rio, I guess.  They did watch the available for free on Netflix streaming Imagine That starring none other than Eddie Murphy.  I'm not sure, but I think Zoe and Sophia could have made up a better movie on their own with 2 hours and a video camera, but they really enjoyed it so what do I know?]
  11. ride scooter [They did, in fact, ride scooters, but only for 10 minutes.  Maybe less.]
All-in-all I'd say it was a pretty successful sleepover according to Sophia's list.  

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Emily Barton said...

That sounds like an absolutely perfect sleepover plan to me. I wish my to-do lists were half as much fun.