18 April 2011

Questions for 3pm on a Monday

  • When can I take a sick day that's really what I like to call a "sick of work" day?  This entails much calendar analysis.
  • What should I read next?  I very often finish a book or come close to finishing a book on the weekends.  Right now I am trying to convince myself not to buy a new book for my Nook, but to read one of the books I have stacked on my shelf or by my bed that are unread.  
  • What should I make for dinner?  As often as not this is the first time I've thought about it for the day which means I probably haven't defrosted any meat.  The other times, like today, I've usually taken out chicken breast so it is a matter of what chicken recipe to use.  Nothing too ambitious, I am sure.
  • What activities does Zoe have this week?  I must check my meeting calendar against my taxi calendar.
  • What's the deal with tumblr.com?  Who uses it and what's good about it and/or better than my Google reader?  I'm not sure I get it and I'm sure I don't like that I don't really get it.
  • Why isn't there a shopping site (like Land's End or Piperlime or Sephora) that would give me stuff for free if I would blog about it?  I really would blog about it.  
  • Is there anything worth watching on TV tonight?  Mondays so often are the worst night for TV shows, but it is also the night I most want to zone out in front of the TV.  
  • What can I have for a snack?  I want something filling, but not too caloric or sugary.  
  • How much Diet Coke really is too much?  Because I think it is Diet Coke or nap right about now.
  • Is this list of questions long enough for a decent blog post?  I hope so because I can't think of anything else I am pondering this Monday.  

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