26 April 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: Espadrilles

When the going gets tough, the tough go shoe shopping.  Things got kind of tough last week so ...

Now that the weather has finally turned warm I am ready to think seriously about warm weather footwear.  As opposed to sandals I have been drawn to the flat espadrilles I've been seeing around (not the skyscraping wedge variety).

Here are some that I like:

Franco Sarto

Kate Spade

Michael Kors


The nice thing is that all of these are relatively affordable.  I guess since they are primarily constructed from canvas and rope, that makes sense.  That and they probably don't last more than one summer.  

Naturally my favorites are the Kate Spade pair although I'd like to try on the Stevens to see how those stay on your feet.  


HT said...

Please do some research for non dorky shoes that fit graphite orthodics. I am devasted at the ugliness of my options... I wistfully read your shoe posts...

Emily Barton said...

I LOVE the Franco Sarto (of course, because they are completely impractical). I'm like you: how on earth do those Stevens stay on one's foot?