22 February 2012


Zoe calls my mother Ima.  All my mom's grandchildren call her Ima.  Zoe was the first and that was how she said "Grandma" when she was a year old.  Ima just stuck.  Over the years we've learned that the name we thought was so unique is actually the Hebrew word for mother and that lots of people use it for both their Mom and their Grandma.  To me, it will always be a Zoe invention though.  Kind of like "milky bop" for her bottle.

Tonight at dinner we somehow got on the subject of the book "Watership Down" (no idea why) and I suggested that Zoe might like to read it.  My mom told Zoe that it was a parable.  Zoe then asked what a parable was and my mom told her to go look it up on her iPad.  Zoe said, "Why should I look it up on my iPad when I can just go to Ima.com?  She knows."  We got a good giggle out of that because anyone who knows my mom knows she could have a site called Ima.com that had the answers to stuff like that as well as figuring out the square root of 324.  (The answer is 18, by the way.)

Of course I had to then go and google ima.com, but unfortunately the URL is already being used here.  However, the google results for "Ima" did turn up some interesting results including the Indianapolis Museum of Art and even more fitting, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.

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