28 February 2012

A week in photos: 2/17 - 2/23

The week before last I had the idea that I would try to take at least one picture every day and then once a week post the pictures with captions explaining why I took the pictures.  I carry my phone with me everywhere I go so it should be pretty easy.  I know this isn't a radical new idea and that there are whole sites devoted to this kind of thing, but even so, I thought it would be fun.  I was almost successful with this last week.

So here is a week in (iPhone) pictures February 17 to 23:

Friday 2/17:  This was taken in Grand Central Station while I was waiting for Emily to arrive.  That was a truly fabulous day!
Saturday 2/18:  This is my nephew's birthday cake made by my brother and sister-in-law.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and people said it reminded them of the old MTV ads.  I can hear the music in my head now...
Sunday & Monday 2/19 & 2/20:  I spent a lot of time lolling in bed this long weekend.  It was lovely.
Tuesday 2/21:  Tuesday it was back to work after a four day weekend.  It was rough to get back and especially when my view was of the water and yachts.

Wednesday 2/22:  This is the view from my office.  I love it on a sunny day.
Thursday 2/23:  This is my car thermometer.  It was so warm that I didn't even need a coat.  Given that the average temperature in CT in February is closer to half that, I'd say this day was remarkable.  Oh and you can see my cute new iPhone case in the rearview mirror.

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Emily Barton said...

Great idea. That photo in Grand Central Station was indeed a fabulous start to a fabulous day! I love the view from your office.