19 November 2005

Night time evil-doings

It seems that strange demons are possessing my daughter in the night these days. Instead of going to sleep as she is supposed to she has been getting up and trashing her room. At first it was just taking the extra blankets out of her dresser and putting them all into the bed with her and then it was taking out all the blankets plus half the books on the bookshelf and tons of the little annoying stuffed animals tossed randomly around the room. Last night was the topper, however, when she decided to rifle through all her dresser drawers and re-arrange them and then do the same in her closet. Upon discovery it would be an understatement to say that I was not amused. After the previous episode to last night I told her that if she did it again I was going to take all of the toys out of her room and so that is exactly what I did at 10:30 last night. I removed every single toy with the exception of stuffed animals and piled them all up in the hallway. I was so furious with her that I was still angry this morning when I woke up. I am the one who spends the time to clean and organize her room. I spent one whole day of my one week's vacation this summer simply re-arranging and re-organizing her bedroom. To see all that effort so easily trashed is infuriating. Especially because she was supposed to be sleeping. I want to trust my daughter, but sometimes she makes it very difficult.

Nothing makes you feel like a good mom like yelling at your child until she is shaking and crying. I guess I won't be getting that mother of the year award after all.

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