10 November 2005

The tables have been turned

The tables have been turned on me this week. Tuesday afternoon as I was changing back into my work clothes in the gym locker room I realized that my shoes had completely come apart at one of the seams. My toes were hanging out and it looked ridiculous. My first thought was to go up the road and buy a new pair of shoes, but since I am trying hard to curtail my spending I decided to just put my gym sneakers back on and anyone who didn't like it could go...

I really liked this particular pair of wedge heel suede loafers and they weren't very old and I hadn't worn them that many times so I was feeling a bit disappointed about them falling apart. When I got home from work I promptly threw them both in the trash. In the kitchen trash can.

Later on that night I told my husband what happened because he had been with me when I bought those shoes. And then he floored me when he said "Want me to drop them off at a shoemaker for you?"

Honestly, this never occurred to me. "No, they're ruined," I said.

"I'm sure they can be repaired." Husband said.

"I already threw them in the garbage." And he didn't even laugh at me when he offered to get them out of the trash for me. I told him not to bother. He let it go at that, but I am still amazed that for a change he was the voice of reason where as my behavior was utterly ridiculous. Wonders never cease.

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