13 January 2006


Who doesn't like Friendly's? If you don't know what I mean and you've never experienced a Fribble, you need to go out and find the nearest Friendly's restaurant ASAP.

We've just come from dinner at this fine dining establishment and they have got how to make kids happy in a restaurant down pat. From the blue and pink soda drinks to the Monster Mash sundae to the giant tub of crayons, life is good as a kid at Friendly's. At least for my kid. She had a ball and she was definitely the loudest kid in the place. Where does such a little person get such a big voice?

Turns out Friendly's is also the place for divorced dads. There was no less than 5 tables of kids with just their dad. It can't be that it was mom's night out for everyone -- unless I missed an important memo.

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