30 January 2006

A prevailing bad mood

I'm not sure what it is, but I seem to be consistently in a bad mood these days -- especially in the evenings. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep or I'm eating the wrong foods or possibly it is the winter blues. Maybe I just need some more vitamin D -- seeing the sun for only 2 minutes a day starts to catch up to me at this point in winter. Whatever it is, I wish I could shake it. (Not like a Polaroid picture, more like a sandy towel.)

1 comment:

FlyingSquirrel said...

i know exactly what you mean! i have days where i am fine all day, i get home, and BOOM i've become a cranky crabby biatch. (though this may be more "jennifer bright and dark"... in which case, it may be more than 2 years you'll have to wait...)