17 January 2006

Happy Birthday to me

As per usual, the weather on my birthday (Sunday) was total crap. Woke up to howling winds, snow and ice. Nope, no trip to the big apple for me. It's just not fun to walk around in that kind of weather -- even just a few blocks. I was quite disappointed at the turn of events, but not at all surprised. We were supposed to go meet Duncan too, but Zoë's kennel cough re-appeared Saturday night and her nose was running so that cancelled that idea. You just can't bring a snotty-nosed 3-year-old to the home of a newborn. Especially not one that is only a little over a week old. Next time, we'll weather the weather if there's no illness.

Anyway, the day didn't turn out all bad. I had a fabulously relaxing breakfast in bed prepared by Mom and Zoë. I actually lounged in my bed until almost 10 am! Unheard of! I got some swell gifts too.

All-in-all turning 35 was mostly painless and even some fun.

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