02 January 2006

Zoë's birthday

I realized the other day that I have to get started planning Zoë's 4th birthday party. We have already received an invitation for Deanna's birthday party in February.

At first I was thinking I would do it at the Beardsley Zoo, but that idea was complicated by the fact that only one child is allowed per adult. That means that some of the parents would have to -- or I would have to pay an additional entrance fee. Plus, despite the fact that we are waiting until early April to have the party, the weather is so unpredictable that time of year and it could really put a monkey wrench into enjoying the zoo. (pun intended)

After abandoning that idea I began scouring the internet for other party location ideas and finally ended up deciding I was better off hosting the party at home. For a brief moment I considered having a musician come, but for the 7 or 8 kids I am planning to invite, that seemed utterly ridiculous. Finally, I came up with a good idea -- BEADS! Zoë loves beads and it seems that most kids around her age do to. So, I'll buy a bunch of big, plastic beads that are easy to work with and the kids can make some bracelets and necklaces, have pizza and cake and then go home. Party -- done.

Wasn't it just the other day that I was planning her first birthday party??? Wow, I can still remember just about every detail of that party. It truly was a momentous occasion. For me more so than anyone, I think.

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