02 December 2007

The girl who cried stomach ache

I am sure I am going to suffer horrible guilt if it turns out that there is something truly wrong with her, but it seems like lately Zoe has a lot of convenient, phantom stomach aches. Here's a typical scenario:

It is 8:15 AM and Zoë is supposed to be getting dressed but instead she is just sitting on the potty.

Me: Zoë! Hurry up!
Zoë: (silence)
Me: Zoë! What are you doing?
Zoë: But Mommy, I have a stomach ache.
Me: Since when?
Zoë: It hurts.

You can change the time of day or where she's sitting, but this usually occurs when we're trying to get out the door to go somewhere or when she is on the verge of getting into trouble. I bought these children's Pepto Bismols and sometimes I give her one just so we can get a move on.

Does that make me a bad mother? I mean, a single children's Pepto tablet seems harmless enough. The dosage is two tablets.

And I almost always have really good instincts for when Zoe is truly sick and this just isn't ringing true with me. The stomach aches are just too conveniently timed. She is a smart girl, but she just doesn't know when a certain trick has worn thin.

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