30 December 2007

New Doc on the Block

Paging Dr. Zoë, paging Dr. Zoë to the Christmas tree stat. More presents need opening.

Zoë from Santa this year was this medical trolley which comes equipped with stethoscope, blood pressure-taker, IV, ear checker, and cell phone. Rob managed to find a set of scrubs (sexistly labeled "Nurses outfit" ugh!) to go along with and now all the stuffed animals have been miraculously cured.

Zoe had so many presents under the tree that she actually took a break from opening them. What kid takes a break from opening presents? One who is clearly spoiled rotten, I guess. However, as I said to Rob, what is the point of having only one if we can't spoil her with presents? She had a great day which does make me happy too.

Santa even remembered to bring the DVD of Hairspray which was a big hit on the summer vacation to Maine we took with Ima (grandma). Watching that again on Christmas day brought back some nice memories of a fun trip.

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