13 December 2007

Snow Day

It is just about 8AM and Zoë is still fast asleep since I didn't have to wake her for school. It's a snow day here (even though it is not actually snowing just yet) and since it is the first of the year I am not at all unhappy about it. Can't say I mind working from home -- especially since I am still in pajamas myself.

I keep thinking about the joy that always came with having a snow day when I was kid. No school! A day of sledding and hot chocolate and a little extra TV time. Somewhere along the line when jobs and responsibilities come along the joy of a snow day gets lost. (Unless you're a teacher, of course.) I think Zoë is still a little young to really appreciate her first real snow day, but it is just the first of many in her life.

First day of school, first snow day, first report card...so many firsts for Zoe this year.

My hope for Zoë is a much happier school experience than I had. A happier youth. I often wonder if that is truly possible. At least I know we can enjoy today -- the flakes are just now starting to fall.

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