01 June 2008

Emily's Oversharing Meme

I got this from Emily, Queen o' Memes. She says:
In the spirit of last week’s NYT’s Magazine cover story, which was all about another Emily (Gould) and oversharing on her blog, I’ve decided to create The Ultimate Oversharing Meme. A word of warning here: this meme is not for the faint of heart.
1. Name the singer/band/performer you are most embarrassed to admit you actually paid good money to see in concert.
Hmm...this one is tough because I haven't been to many concerts. I feel claustrophobic in loud, noisy crowds so I tend to avoid them. The best I can do is say the first concert I ever saw was Huey Lewis and the News. I'm not really embarrassed to admit I saw Huey Lewis, but I am embarrassed to admit that I wore my Huey Lewis and the News concert t-shirt like it was as cool as a Pink Floyd t-shirt. It was 8th grade.

2. Which reality TV show have you watched more than once (come on. I don't believe you if you say "none," unless you don't own a TV)?
My list is long and shameful. I have watched more than one whole season of the following shows: American Idol, What Not to Wear, So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, Design Star and, of course, the original reality show The Real World. I am a complete sucker for these shows. Think of me what you will.

3. Which complete trash novelist have you not only read but enjoyed enough to read more than one book of his/hers?
There are a few on my list, but the worst is Judith Krantz. It all started in the early 80's with Mistral's Daughter. I went on to read most of her books.

4. What sappy musical could you watch over and over and over again?
Like Emily, there are several musicals on my list I could watch over and over. To name a few: Annie (the first one I ever saw), Camelot, The Music Man, and My Fair Lady.

5. Who was your first celebrity crush?
The Fonz. Ayyyy. I refuse to elaborate further except to say I got over it before he jumped the shark.

6. Who is the most embarrassing celebrity on whom you have a slight crush today?
Rob Lowe. I'm sorry, but despite all the scandal I still think he's hot.

7. What movie that everyone else and his cousin and even his dog has seen have you never seen?
Dances with Wolves. Too much hype. Never saw it and never will.

8. What were you drinking the first time you ever got drunk?
Rum and cokes. I was on a family vacation and hanging out with an older cousin. I was 14.

9. Which old re-run will you still pause to watch if you’re flicking through the channels and see that it’s on?
Family Ties. I loved Michael J. Fox.

10. What book/movie/t.v. show that only a fifteen-year-old would think is funny makes you laugh?
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I found this movie simply hysterical and have even contemplated seeing the sequel.

All right, that’s it. You’re tagged if you’re brave enough to overshare.


HT said...

Ok- hurray for #7!! I feel the same way and still have never seen it. BTW I read in the New Yorker (or was it NY Mag?) that the sequel to Harold & K is actually worth seeing- esp if you enjoyed the 1st.

Emily Barton said...

Great answers! You're right about Dances with Wolves. Skip it, and if you haven't seen it, rent Black Robe instead (much, much better movie about settlers' encounters with the Native Americans). I love your Huey Lewis t-shirt-wearing story. And you and Becky (because she's already admitted to being an addict) and I will have to get together to watch musicals sometime, I can see.