02 June 2008

Friendship anniversaries

Last Friday night I had dinner with my oldest friend HT (meaning I've been friends with her longer than any other friend I have -- not that she is chronologically the oldest friend I have). She lives in Manhattan so after work I hopped on the train and met her at Balthazar-esque bistro called Artisanal. We had a truly lovely meal which was made even more delicious by its chocolate fondue ending. (Note to my wine and cheese loving friends: this is a place for you.)

While the food and the wine were quite good, the best part of the meal was sitting and talking and laughing with my friend with no children or husbands or anyone (except maybe the family at the table next to us) getting in the way. I'm really not sure that we've had time like that since the day before Zoƫ was born -- a very memorable day spent together. At one point in the evening my friend suggested that we should celebrate our anniversary of being friends. Shockingly we are just 4 years away from our 30th! We decided some kind of trip together would definitely be in order.

Then HT said she wanted to start celebrating these kinds of anniversaries -- not just her wedding. On the train ride home it occurred to me what a good idea that is. I mean what makes our 30th anniversary of being friends any less special than someone's 10th wedding anniversary? Of course, not all friendships are worth celebrating in anniversaries, but some truly are. Ours definitely is.


Dorothy W. said...

Excellent idea! I love the thought of celebrating friendship anniversaries. You're right -- why not? Those friendships are hugely important after all.

HT said...

You made me a little teary... xo xo ht

noble savage said...

What a lovely idea. I hope you two enjoy many more happy years together. :)

Emily Barton said...

I couldn't agree more. A 30th anniversary of a friendship in this day and age is very, very special indeed!

Now, when is our one-year anniversary? It must be coming up, right?

ZoesMom said...

Dor -- I agree, HT had a great idea. It could really be something special.

NS -- thanks for noting this post in your recent post. Hope you're feeling better.

Emily -- you're right, I think our anniversary is coming up. We should definitely celebrate!

HT -- I look forward to the next 30 years together. Love you!