12 July 2008

Bella Venezia

I am finally catching up on my life and have started to go through and organize the photos from our trip to Italy. I took over 250 photos so I've decided to break up the photos by place. Our first stop was in Venice so
here are the best of my photos from there.

This is one of my favorites especially because it was taken from a gondola.


tracie valentino said...

Beautiful pics! You all look like you're having the time of your lives (of course, you are in Italy, so I guess that goes without saying)... And the shots of the architecture/scenery are just beautiful. I love the hat shop window.

I can't wait to see the rest of them!

HT said...

Sigh... Venice. It seems so long ago that we were there. Thanks for bringing the loveliness back- that will be as close as I get til these boys get quite a bit more grown!!

Emily Barton said...

I want to be there. RIGHT NOW. Now, you must read Eustace and Hilda for the Venice part (don't listen to Becky who didn't like it).

ZoesMom said...

Tracie -- the shopping in Venice was amazing and you're right, we did have the time of our lives.

HT -- My pleasure! I think the boys will be old enough before you know it. Time flies with kids.

Emily -- I'll go back with you, we can leave right away. I will add Eustace and Hilda to my TBR list.