07 July 2008

Happy Camper

Happy Camper, originally uploaded by Marcyjill.

Zoe started at Camp Tepee today -- her first summer camp experience. She was so excited this morning. This afternoon when I picked her up at the bus stop she was still smiling, but she was considerably dirtier! According to Zoe, "camp was great," and "she loved it all."

I absolutely loved camp when I was a kid so it does my heart good to see her enjoying it too.


HT said...

she looks 12!!

Emily Barton said...

Well, she definitely looks like she's ready for camp! Glad she enjoyed it. I wasn't a big fan of camp when I was a kid -- just yet another thing to interfere with reading.

ZoesMom said...

ht -- she does look grown up -- it is kind of scary how fast it happens

emily -- the best thing about sleep away camp was that there was plenty of time for reading along with all the fun camp activity

karenzsmith said...

Her hair is so cute! I didn't know that she got it cut! Cute! Cute!