03 July 2008

The alternate universe that is jet lag

It has been so long. Too long. I have, in fact, returned from Italy and I was hoping my first post would be a photo essay, but since I haven't even downloaded the 170+ pictures from my camera yet that's not going to happen. I don't usually get this affected by it, but for some reason the jet lag is really killing me. I'm tired at all the wrong times, hungry at all the wrong times and generally walking around with a sensation that I am in some alternate universe where everything looks familiar, but is not quite what I remember as my life. It is reminding me of an old Stephen Wright joke:

I woke up one day and everything in the apartment had been stolen and replaced with an exact replica.

Happily it is now the start of a long weekend in which I don't have much to do so I am hoping that I can re-assemble my life into something I can once again fully recognize. I plan to employ sleeping in, visiting the gym, and a couple of evenings with good friends and bottles of prosecco to aid in this pursuit. I feel confident that this plan will work. I'll keep you posted.

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Emily Barton said...

So, did you recover, or do we need to do more of the same this weekend to make sure you're REALLY over it?